controllerI have finished school successfully (fin d’études secondaires or equivalent) and I am highly motivated to do an exceptional work with lots of  responsibility.

I speak English, French and Luxembourgish and I always wanted to work on shifts. I don’t care about Saturdays, Sundays, night shifts and I never really liked holidays on Christmas or New Year’s Day either.
stress3One of my strong points is to recognize situations quickly and to make decisions. I can focus attention on one task while holding other tasks in memory. I don’t panic when workload increases and I keep thinking clearly under stress.
When it comes to teamwork I really shine. I respect my colleagues and I don’t mind holding back my ego if it serves the team as a whole. I understand that it is health and social intelligence that is required.

planningPlanning 3 steps ahead of current action is my second nature while verifying constantly what I have done so far. I am not afraid to use technical equipment nor do I mind taking refresher courses during my career.

That is why I become an air traffic controller @ Luxembourg Airport!