Legal National and International Representation of Air Traffic Controllers

Where we are …

Luxembourg Air Traffic Controller Association lives in the BTO (Bloc Technique Opérationel) at Luxembourg Airport which itself lies a couple of kilometers east of Luxembourg City. If Luxembourg is unknown to you, don’t look on a globe, you won’t find it. Better look at a map from Europe. Or better yet, look at map from France or Germany and with some hardiness you will make a discovery.

What we do …

  • Promoting and enhancing safety
  • Defending individual and collective rights of ATCOs
  • Representing ATCOs nationally and internationally
  • Maintaining friendly relations with other ATC associations

What we like …

  • Reliable equipment that smells good and never fails
  • Friendly people whose ying-yang is balanced
  • Blue sky sunshine and a working air-conditioning

What we don’t like …

  • Smoking equipment and undetected corruption
  • Unfriendly people with a ‘hurry-up’ syndrome
  • Overcast at 100 feet and below freezing point


Under this Link you can find all news related to our Association.  You find this link as well in the menu above under the News tab.