Legal National and International Representation of Air Traffic Controllers

Where we are …

Luxembourg Air Traffic Controller Association lives in the BTO (Bloc Technique Opérationel) at Luxembourg Airport which itself lies a couple of kilometers east of Luxembourg City. If Luxembourg is unknown to you, don’t look on a globe, you won’t find it. Better look at a map from Europe. Or better yet, look at map from France or Germany and with some hardiness you will make a discovery.

What we do …

  • Promoting and enhancing safety
  • Defending individual and collective rights of ATCOs
  • Representing ATCOs nationally and internationally
  • Maintaining friendly relations with other ATC associations

What we like …

  • Reliable equipment that smells good and never fails
  • Friendly people whose ying-yang is balanced
  • Blue sky sunshine and a working air-conditioning

What we don’t like …

  • Smoking equipment and undetected corruption
  • Unfriendly people with a ‘hurry-up’ syndrome
  • Overcast at 100 feet and below freezing point


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